Content of the Complaint

The complaint shall contain the following information

a) The full names, address, telephone number, email, physical location and occupation of the complainant;
b) If the complainant is an organization or institution or group of persons, the organization or institution or group of persons shall give their name and physical address and any other particulars;
c) Name of the Judge or sufficient information to enable the Judge to be identified.
d) Specific details about the grounds of the complaint;
e) The complaint may where applicable be accompanied by originals or copies of all documents within the control of the complainant and which the complainant intends to refer to;
f) The complainant may indicate the names and addresses of possible witnesses;
g) Any other information relevant to the complaint

Anonymous Complaints
Complaints from an anonymous source shall be treated to the greatest extent possible in the same manner as any other complaint.

Language of the complaint
The complaint shall be written in English or Kiswahili in civil language directed at the Judge complained about.


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