Hearing of Complaints

Hearing and determination of complaints

Where after considering a complaint, the Commission decides that a prima facie case has been established, it shall appoint a panel to hear the complaint.

Appointment of the hearing panel

(1)The Commission shall Pursuant to Section 14 and 19 (4) of the Judicial Service Act appoint a panel to hear the complaints that have been found substantive.
(2)The panel shall be comprised of a chairperson and at least three other members appointed by the Commission. The quorum of the panel shall be three members.

(3) A member of the panel may disqualify himself or herself voluntarily or upon application by a party on the following grounds :-
a) Conflict of interest; or
b) Bias.
(4) The Commission may invite a technical expert to sit in and assist the panel in handling technical issues before it.
(5) The panel shall fix the date for considering of the complaint and shall give its recommendation within 30 days of the conclusion of the hearing.




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